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An Amazing Story You Must Read...

… there I was ten years ago in Springfield driving down a residential street headed to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clemmons. It was three o'clock in the afternoon and I’m late. You see, I wanted to be here earlier around nine but because of a doctors appointment I’m running late.

   Six days earlier Mr. and Mrs. Clemmons decided to purchase new siding for their home and trusted me to perform the job.. (after all, I’m a professional…right?)….so I put one of my best crews on the project led by Josh. (He’s done hundreds of beautiful installations for me over the last couple years and he was starting this one this morning.)

  I always make it a habit to show up the morning of the first day of construction. But heck, it’s Josh… worries…. I’m running late!

  I pull up to the Clemmons home. Where’s Josh? It’s three o’clock and the job has not been started. I’m pulling out my phone getting ready to call him when I happen to notice some activity across the street….well….there he is.

  He was sitting in his truck at the time and three of his guys were on the side of the house installing siding. They have been there since eight o’clock ….and since they do move pretty fast they have already installed the entire rear and one side of the house. Wow! It sure looked pretty….but…as you've ..probably already guessed..we have a minor problem today.

Wrong house!!!

  The next few hours, were to say the least….well let's just say amazing….(i’ll tell you later what happened. I'm out of typing room) Call Jeff (816) 738-4889



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